Chinese Drywall

Is your new South Florida home wreaking of rotten eggs? Have you noticed that your family is suffering from respiratory problems, nose bleeds headaches, or irritated eyes? Has your air conditioning, wiring, or plumbing required frequent repairs? The cause of these and related problems may be defective Chinese drywall.

Chinese Drywall Removal

Piccirillo Brothers can help. We have 38 years of experience installing drywall in Florida homes and we specialize in repairing and installing drywall. We handled many of the mold problems caused by the hurricanes a few years ago by removing and replacing drywall. If Chinese drywall was used in your home, we can help! We will handle all the details from start to finish in a timely manner.

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Get rid of your Chinese drywall problems.

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Chinese Drywall Test Kit

One of the challenges in identifying Chinese drywall is that it entered the United States without being properly marked. A test kit was designed to allow the average individual with no training or experience in chemistry to easily identify the presence of Chinese drywall by identifying the presence of Hydrogen Sulfide in three sample locations of the home. Read more...